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Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Cybersecurity Consulting

Our broad Cybersecurity knowledge allows us to develop next-gen cybersecurity services that protect your business, infrastructure and software from end to end.

Security Architect

We design, build and maintain the security framework for your organization’s digital footprint. From malware and hacker intrusions to DDoS mitigation we analyse, impliment and test for any weaknesses and continuously audit your systems.

CI/CD Pipeline Security

CI/CD pipelines require security scanning frameworks that allow you to scan for vulnrabilities, proxy, collect, and manage your package dependencies. You will need tools we can supply to distribute your software safely. Whether you work with Azure Dev Ops(ADO) or any other pipeline, we can secure it for you.

Application Scanning

We can automate application scanning using a variety of methods to search for software vulnerabilities within web applications, server side applications as well as Linux & Windows operating systems. We can manage your threat hunting and use Mitre, CVEs & other methods for keeping your softwae up to date and free from harm.

Security Audits

We can evaluate your digital footprint with various security audit types including: Vulnerability Tests, Penetration Tests, Risk Assessments, Compliance Audits & Due Diligence Questionnaires. This is the best way to evaluate your organization’s risk exposure to cyber threats.

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