Artificial Intelligence is a growing trend nowadays in everyday life. UCLH offers various services like Cancer Diagnosis, Radiology, Primary Brain tumor, Medical Photography etc. If we want to see the applications of AI then several new trends should be monitored like Freenome; An earlier cancer detection application that is deployed at general blood screenings to develop new treatments. Zebra Medical Vision AI-Powered Radiology Assistant is another application that assists the Radiologist to analyze them for various clinical findings so as you see it’s the benefit of AI that it is diagnosing early cancer and assisting the Radiologist for making reports after saving his time in critical conditions. So, if these new applications are targeted at UCLH they will serve humanity in true aspect If we talk about Capabilities of AI then let’s link an application like benevolental deep learning for targeted treatment.AI have developed such apps like this to target right treatment for the right patient. Algorithms are developing in the field of AI that is Individualizing health care. Doctors are now in the near future can operate remotely while patients can have access to treatment while residing at their homes and familiar things like that. Now let’s discuss some challenges of AI. The first and foremost challenge of AI is the risk. Handling over the diagnosis of disease to machines first we have to train them as most of AI is a link with information technology. Another challenge is data integrity as more data needs more integrity in the healthcare sector to regularize the data if we see the example of UCLH They are offering huge services from A-Z then data integrity after using AI becomes a challenge for them. The long-lasting challenge for AI is the fear of employee’s that AI would take their jobs. So, the Impact of AI is very large as in the near future AI will be a routine part of practitioners of the medical field firstly, they will be analyzed by the AI tools and techniques after that will be available to doctors. We talked about several applications they will help the doctors in real time also the stakeholders and investors are highly interested in AI. It will give them a huge market share in the future.

AI is facing challenges like ethical, social and legal. First, we talk about Ethical Challenges faced by AI which should be considered while developing applications of AI. Like judgment of results how accurate the result could be after using the applications of AI. Employees are always in search to block them from errors that would harm their patients with mistaken results. One more ethical Challenge is the training of employees and patients while using AI applications with regard to the traditional system. UCLH comprises employees from 121 nationalities so they have to spend a huge amount on training if they target AI applications. Instead in my opinion if this budget should be spent on awareness and prevention techniques if we talk about Coronavirus outburst then this technique will save a lot of lives, so these are some ethical challenges. Now let’s talk about some Social challenges One of the major social challenges is the rules and regulations inside the health care units if we talk about UCLH they are offering many services and their staff is from all around the globe then there comes the problem of rules and regulations while using AI-based solutions how to use them by versatile staff or as the treatment is AI-based so its cost becomes greater. Treatment of AI is expensive, so it is not well adoptive in underdeveloped countries. Fault in diagnosis or treatment is another social issue of AI as it is running on algorithms so if this happens due to human error or machines who should be held accountable for this because this is serious

concern due to the involvement of AI. Another issue that is facing due to AI machines is the power shifting to patients instead of relying on doctors they just need the equipment to resolve their matters So if we see the case at UCLH most of the healthcare staff including doctors lose their jobs with the arrival of AI agents. Now let’s talk about Legal issues of AI. The first issue is data privacy with regard to health care if AI is merely based on algorithms so in case if a machine is hacked who will be responsible machine or the human. Another challenge which is AI facing is the procedure of a person who is using the machine he has to give decision power to the machine so after doing so he should be trained enough to handle the machine with the right procedure. Another legal issue which is AI facing is the logistic challenge as machines are deployed everywhere around the globe so that becomes a challenge in transportation. If we take the scenario of UCLH then all the challenges exist in their hospital.

So, we had discussed a few challenges of AI regarding all categories of ethical social and legal. Before making applications of AI all these issues should be considered, to overcome the misconceptions about AI. We have seen some tremendous applications of AI like early cancer diagnosis but with all these technology benefits come with a tradeoff. For more details visit the references for an elaborated view of AI issues and Challenges.

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