Petya Ransomware Attacks Raise Eyebrows in Ukraine and Beyond

In the wake of the recent WannaCry attacks comes yet another serious threat: the insidious ransomware known as Petya/GoldenEye. With the majority of attacks taking place in Ukraine, Petya has compromised banks, bus stations, and even the Chernobyl power plant. After wreaking havoc in central Europe, Petya continues to affect systems internationally. Petya is not the first of its kind, and unfortunately, it is unlikely to be the last.

What Does Petya Ransomware Do?

Ransomware works by encrypting the hard drive. At startup, infected systems display a screen demanding payment. Bitcoin is a common currency demanded by attackers because Bitcoin wallets are harder to track down, with their owners tough to positively identify. Ransomware like Petya typically targets businesses, as the main goal is to make money from extortion.

Suspiciously, the Bitcoin account that police have associated with the attacks holds a mere $10,000 USD. Authorities and security experts alike now suspect the ransomware may actually be a deliberate attack against Ukraine. Whether it is the work of Ukraine’s enemies or a handful of underhanded individuals, Petya, like any ransomware, is a serious potential threat to anyone in the world. Investing in quality network security and secure hosting is always a good precaution for businesses and webmasters. If it can affect a nuclear power plant and Ukraine’s central bank, then less secured systems are even more vulnerable.

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What Can You Do?

One of the best preventive data loss precautions is regular backup, especially cloud-based. With regular backups, data remains safe inside the cloud even if a workstation is compromised. In addition to backups, preemptive measures help keep your data safe and your systems running. Fortunately, with FCM360, your data is hosted securely in the cloud, ready to be restored when possible. In the meantime, FCM360 works actively to shield you from attacks. Featuring secure and compliant hosting, as well as advanced intrusion detection, bad actors IP blocking, and packet and event analysis, FCM360 offers a well-rounded solution to cautious webmasters. Additionally, FCM360 features a real-time heatmap of attacks and a list of infamous cyber security attackers. Keep your files safe from ransomware and other attacks by taking preventive measures.

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