According to the Positive Technologies report, cyber attacks have increased by 32 percent between the 1st quarter of 2017 and 2018. Even though the figures are pretty evident, lots of organizations assume that their IT infrastructure is good enough to combat the cyber attacks.

Make cybersecurity your priority

A handful of small-sized businesses consider they don’t need to adopt tight security measures because they don’t have to deal with the revenue of billions of dollars every day. The thing is, criminals are not just after your money they want to get hold of the data of your customers too. In case you haven’t thought about, wait till you hear what the CEO of The Purple Guys said about data and its value. He said that the data stolen from your company can haunt for years you even if the breach has been resolved. You have to be very careful with the data of your customers because it can make your break your business.

Even your smartest employees could be mislead

Hackers release malware into the computer systems through phishing attacks very successfully. They don’t target the firewalls; they use phishing to trick your employees into unwittingly providing access to hackers. No doubt it’s a prolific way for cybercriminals to get what they want. Once they get access, they can steal your credentials, lock administrators, and even change account details. Some hackers demand a ransom to release access while other use BEC attacks to scam employees into handing them over the company’s money. The biggest downside is even your smartest employee can fall for phishing.

Accept that you need a cyber plan

When so many cyber threats are evolving, what should organizations do? There is no silver bullet for cyber attacks but there are lots of things that can be done to prevent them. First of them all is to recognize that regardless of the size of your business, you could be the target of a cyber attack. Have a cyber plan in place not only for protection but to detect the attacks, develop a response and a recovery plan. Fortunately, there are lots of resources that can help such as FCM360 – a firm that provides cybersecurity services along with offering secure application hosting.

No plan is foolproof but have one in place anyway

With cyber security, you can equip your business with the right technology and educate your employees on the common tactics used by cyber thieves to make them fall into their traps. It also involves training and educating your employees on how to protect the information of the company, customers, and other B2B clients.  Even after years and years of research, cyber security experts haven’t been able to come up with a way to secure organizational assets by 100 percent. Technology changes and cyber criminals always find a backdoor into the systems set in place. That doesn’t mean you should take cyber security lightly. As an enterprise, you must be prepared for all scenarios and have a recovery plan ready. Along with that, keep up with the industry trends to mitigate the security risks otherwise, a security breach could cost you your entire business.