One of the major reasons behind the growing frequency of cyber threats and security incidents is that Hackers are now being paid to break into computers. Read the complete article to know everything about Certified Ethical Hacker. Before we proceed, let’s have a better understanding of Ethical Hackers and what it does in general.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is a process of gaining access to a system or network to detect weaknesses and looking for possible ways to exploit the system or network. The main purpose of Ethical Hacking is to improve the security of a company’s system and network so as to prevent hackers from getting access to them. Ethical Hacking greatly relies on the same process and tools used by the penetrator. Attempts have been made in previous years to prevent this act, but there has not been any noticeable improvement. This shows that the demand for Ethical Hackers is still high and will continue to increase in 2020 until the level of cyber threats is trapped down.According to PayScale, the average salary of a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is $91,000 (for the US region).

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Average certified ethical hacker salary

Average certified ethical hacker salary

How to get paid for breaking into computers?

If you are thinking of becoming an Ethical Hacker, then you need to have good technical skills like programming, computer networking, as well as penetration testing skills. There is no barrier if you want to become an Ethical Hacker. You can learn through self-study (iLearn), live online (iWeek), or in person. These options suit different personalities and the preferred method of learning.Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a highly valued program that offers various modes of training for aspiring Ethical Hackers. It is designed to impart industry-required knowledge and Ethical Hacking skills. It is designed by the best minds of the industry, targeting site administrators, staff, dealing with network infrastructure, and other security professionals.

What do Ethical Hackers do?

What do Ethical Hackers do?

What do Ethical Hackers do

As an Ethical Hacker, you will be responsible for the following:Penetrating the security system to identify potential vulnerabilities or flaws that can be exploited using different methodologies.Recommend better ways to improve the existing security posture.Co-operate with other developers or other security professionals.Seek advice on security needs and requirements.Train the staff against different malicious cyber traps.

The first two responsibilities are the most important responsibility and consume the major part of an Ethical Hacker’s life. In order to achieve them, you will go through different stages, which are:

Scope and objective setting

Study the target: Discovery

Exploit the target

Document the process

How do you become an Ethical Hacker?

A professional Ethical Hacker has permission from the right people/organization to penetrate the system and to search if there is any threat or malicious activity going on in the system or network, and must abide by the ethic and code of conduct. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a highly recognized training program that offers the best public code of ethics, helps you learn all the stages of ethical Hacking, and real-time practice.