I wanted to share highlights from our latest edition of Forex Summit with you.

This month we featured TradeStation, a currency trading leader that is fast gaining a reputation for offering some of the lowest forex spreads – together with sophisticated automated trading software for online forex traders. We also covered Bitcoin and reaction to Swiss National Bank’s scrapping its peg of 1.20 Swiss Francs to the euro.

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TradeStation Talks Forex

TradeStation recently launched a new ad campaign, touting: “Traders Trade with TradeStation.” So we wanted to know: What is your company doing for the foreign exchange trader in particular, and why do you feel its platform and services make it a wise choice for the forex trader?

Q-We see a lot of trading platforms scrambling to differentiate themselves; in a nutshell, what is TradeStation’s unique selling proposition?

For traders, today’s unpredictable financial markets present unprecedented challenges. Yet the keys to successful trading—focus, discipline, consistency—remain constant. And that’s where TradeStation comes in.

TradeStation is committed to offering traders a better experience by giving them the tools, education and support needed to trade with discipline and confidence. With TradeStation, they can develop and execute trading strategies that are based on informed analysis, rather than on emotion, impulse or guesswork.

Q-What sort of footprint do you have in Forex? Tell us about Tradestation Ifx- your institutional forex services?

TradeStation’s forex offerings – Active Trader and TradeStation Ifx – are designed to provide complete trading solutions for individual and institutional clients at every level.

TradeStation Ifx complements the company’s retail forex offering, which enables clients to trade commission-free with tight spreads and fractional pips, and its Active Trader Program, which offers the more serious retail forex traders some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, with spreads as low as 1 pip and no commissions or platform fees.

TradeStation Ifx enables professional clients to trade forex using TradeStation’s award-winning platform while accessing institutional levels of market liquidity. TradeStation Ifx combines the TradeStation platform’s advanced analysis capabilities – such as dynamic market scanning and chart pattern-recognition tools – with deep and wide-ranging sources of both bank and non-bank liquidity.

Q- Post 2008-2009, what do I need to know about liquidity?

The FX markets have seen continuous increases in liquidity over the years, making high-quality sourced liquidity an important factor to consider. As the markets become more intelligent, custom liquidity is in greater demand from clients today.

Q-Everything is going mobile, including TradeStation Mobile, can you tell us about developing your mobile-friendly platform and how it is being received?

On TradeStation Mobile, our development team is as focused on capabilities, convenience and delivering the innovative features traders demand while on the go.

TradeStation Mobile receives 5-star ratings from many of our users and our team is highly attuned to our clients’ reviews and feedback. In addition to basic functionality, our more novel features include interactive charts that have proven to be what users are really looking for.

Our next mobile release is set to bring dramatic upgrades, like real-time price and volume alerts.

To be sure, the number of trades executed and revenues generated by our mobile apps are increasing every month.

Q-Specifically, can you tell us about “Forex in Focus” and who should tune into this weekly webcast?

Forex in Focus is a weekly market-commentary webcast on forex markets for anyone who currently trades or is interested in trading forex. It is hosted by well-known forex trader Raghee Horner and features a review of the past week’s action in the forex markets, as well as an outlook for the coming week. Also, we archive all of our webcasts on the TradeStation YouTube channel.

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Q-How do FCM 360 and TradeStation work together to provide a seamless trading experience?

TradeStation Securities provides cross-connectivity from FCM 360 to TradeStation’s servers at NY4 – this is a valuable product offering that is available at TradeStation through the Quantitative Trading Group (QTG), but is not available at a lot of other firms.

This is important for active traders concerned with reducing latency and hosting solutions via FCM 360.

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