SecureWorks provides security tools to protect computer networks, sensitive data in an organization, and ensures the security of the organization from Cybercrime. It creates the combination of human intelligence and machine learning which in result provides faster and smarter detection services and prevents threats parallel. Manage Detection and Response unit of SecureWorks detects the threats and investigate them then prepare a combined solution for these threats. For expanding the network of an organization, SecureWorks manage and monitor service.

Adversarial Security Testing; SecureWorks ensures the security of a network, organizational system, employees, and other facilities by applying multiple Adversarial Security Tests. After the test, SecureWorks identifies the risk areas and propose the intelligence-driven solution for those risks or vulnerabilities [1]. SecureWorks; in an organization in which it is integrated, it enhances the security of that organizational system and secures all aspect of the system. It also provides end to end protection or encryption to cloud deployment. CTU (Counter Threat Unit); to secure the compromised network of an organization restricts access for unknown users in the network [2].

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How it Works

SecureWorks is a threat intelligence service provider company. The intelligence of the organization is based on threats, malware, and other cybercrimes on the data that is collected from thousands of its customers across the globe. The data is analyzed using the “threat intelligence service”; which is developed by Counter Threat Unit (CTU) team. SecureWorks’ intelligence system service helps to identify its users the emerging threats to their companies. SecureWorks was founded in 1998 by Michael Pearson and Joan Wilbanks. Based on this service provided by SecureWorks, they become able to analyze and identify the threats, tactics, and procedures. Along with that the intelligence report that SecureWorks provides after analyzing the data and the system of its customer’s organization; which helps its customers to take appropriate actions to counter the threats, other system vulnerabilities thus securing the organizational environment [2].

SecureWorks also provides real-time monitoring thru its Organization Brand Surveillance. It provides reports including Information Briefs and Threat Profiles which helps understand the customers to the type of threat their organization faces; it means which particular type of information a hacker was looking for and at what particular time. The CTU (Counter Threat Unit) also provides the reports and custom malware analysis on demand and the support team of CTU responds to the customer’s request within one day [2].

Report Feed of SecureWorks

The report feed of SecureWorks consists of three main types of reports.

  • Vulnerability Feed; in this feed, the current system of the organization is analyzed and the report is being generated which indicates all the vulnerabilities in the system.
  • Threat Feed; this feed in the report includes the list of possible threats to the system. The deep analysis of emerging threats is being done and it generates a report which lists all the threats and malware attacks including Trojan horse, worms, etc.
  • Advisory Feed; in this third type of report feed, SecureWorks provides the strategic report which highlights the threats and attacks in its security report. This particular feed of the report includes the recommended actions to the threats which help customers make data-driven decisions.

Pricing of SecureWorks

Services of SecureWorks are highly customizable; customers have the space to select the required features as per their requirements. Thus the pricing of SecureWorks is also variable and it depends on the features and the exact type of service the customer needs. For example, customers of SecureWorks do have the option to choose the ongoing subscription and one-time analysis. The starting price for the annual subscription for threat intelligence service of SecureWorks is $2,000 and maximum it can go to $200,000 for large scale organizations and enterprises. Along with that customers have the option to select ad-on services for in-depth analysis and the level of support from the Counter Threat Unit (CTU) with additional charges. Threat Intelligence Support of SecureWorks can be utilized through phone calls or email to report any vulnerability or threat with the customer portal [2].


Other companies provide cyber security solutions just like SecureWorks. Let us discuss and compare a few of them with SecureWorks.


OpenSSL is an open-source command-line security tool that is generally used for the generation of private keys, create CSRs, and install SSL Certificates. OpenSSL is written in C language. It is a full-featured toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols [3].

The primary features offered by OpenSSL are:

  • Commercial-grade
  • Robust
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)

On the other hand, while comparing SecureWorks with OpenSSL, the main features SecureWorks offers are:

  • It combines human intelligence with machine learning and as a result, it provides faster and smarter security solutions
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • It does manage the threat prevention tasks in a parallel way [3]

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is an open certificate and automated authority. It is developed by a non-profit ISRG (Internet Security Research Group). The limitation of Let’s Encrypt is that it only provides domain-validated certificates. The certificates that Let’s Encrypt offers are valid for just 3 months after that you have to renew the certificates.


We have discussed SecureWorks in detail in this research article; its history, process, in-depth insights of its services and features, pricing, and alternate cyber security solutions. Now we will conclude our article based on the information we have discussed above. SecureWorks’ primary feature is the integration of machine learning with human intelligence due to which its services are much faster, smarter, and can provide services in parallel. It provides customizable features and the cool part is that you don’t need to pay extra bills for the features you are not interested in. The support of SecureWorks is very good and it creates transparency in the whole process. They provide support via phone calls and emails. For customer support, they get back to your query in one day. The services of SecureWorks are of high quality and many mid and large scale organizations are using SecureWorks to enhance the security in their organizational systems.