Cybersecurity consulting companies are security-specific service providers offering services and solutions that provide company and government agencies with continuous security assurance. They help organizations improve their business, their IT operations efficiency and technology, and security and risk management technology strategies.

in addition to consultancy, such companies also offer product recommendations and implementation services for different security solutions. Such security products and services are provided by thousands of IT consultancy firms. This article lists the top 20 security consulting services providers.

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The Herjavec Group (THG)

The Herjavec Group (THG) is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Canada and the largest provider of IT security in the region. THG offers complete security and network optimization services to organizations across the globe, backed by the largest community of certified security engineers in Canada. Their expertise allows THG to retain its leadership role across a wide variety of functions including secure content management solutions, email protection, WAN optimization, technology for intrusion prevention, risk management, and fully managed network security systems.

BAE systems

BAE system is a global security and defense aerospace corporation. BAE offers security solutions for both the commercial and government sectors. This also offers innovative security technology for defense. In particular, the BAE system currently operates with five main divisions including the intelligence and cyber system, the electronic system, the applied intelligence, security and innovation system, and the platform and services.

Booz Allen

Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation (informally Booz Allen) is the parent of Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., an American management and information technology consulting firm with its headquarters in McLean, Virginia, Greater Washington, D.C., with 80 other global offices. The core business specified by the company is to provide consultancy, research, and engineering services to nonprofit and public and private sector organizations. The company became the biggest supplier of cybersecurity services to the SEC in February 2020 by winning a 10-year deal worth $113 million.


KPMG International Cooperative (or simply KPMG) is a professional multinational network of service providers. KPMG Cyber Security Services provide independent, jargon-free IT Security advisory services and assurance. It provides consulting in all aspects:

Strategy and Governance: that helps to align security strategy with diverse business and enforcement goals, allowing for a forward-looking security approach that proactively addresses risk.

Transformation: to help plan, execute, and develop cyber processes and controls by leveraging partnerships with market leaders to meet regulatory requirements, and deliver against cyber strategy.

Cyber Defense: experts in ethical hacking provide help to detect the vulnerabilities in the company before the criminals do it.

Incident response: a global network of incident response experts can help to plan for cyber incidents and respond effectively


PricewaterhouseCoopers is a global professional services network of companies based in London, UK, working under the PwC name as alliances. PwC is the world’s second-largest professional services business network[6] and is considered one of the Big Four accounting companies along with Deloitte, EY, and KPMG. Their Managed Cybersecurity Services team provides continuous monitoring and troubleshooting; fixes issues relating to access control; onboards new privileged accounts; and provides scheduled and ad hoc reports. The department also implements updates, patches, and enhancements.


Ernst & Young is one of the world’s leading professional service providing firms. It is considered one of The Four accounting companies along with Deloitte, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. It mainly provides its clients with assurance (including financial audit), tax, consultancy, and advisory services. EY Cybersecurity, strategy, risk, compliance, and resilience teams can provide organizations with a clear picture of their current cyber risk posture and capabilities, providing them with an informed view of how, where, and why to invest in the management of their cyber risks.


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited or simply Deloitte is a global professional services network. Deloitte is one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms and the world’s biggest professional services network by sales and number of employees based in London, UK. Secure services from Deloitte help organizations drive productivity, business growth, and cost-optimization while setting up effective controls around sensitive assets. They provide services that include protection of infrastructure and services, vulnerability management, the security of applications, management of Identity and access, privacy, and protection of information.


Listed first on the cybersecurity 500 list and for the consistently sixth time, root9B represents both government departments and companies internationally as an organizational assistance and cyber-consulting agency. Their services range from threat analysis and remote protection systems, network security solutions, traditional solutions such as vulnerability assessment, training, malware evaluation, and cyber policy evaluation.


Raytheon is known as the innovation and technology leader specializing in solutions for civil government, defense, and cybersecurity. Raytheon Company operates various managed services including the virtual security operation center, cybersecurity assessments, response to incidents, digital forensics, and managed response and detection services.


Cylance provides many AI-based consultancy services, and its experts have a broad knowledge of everything from IoT and embedded applications to emergency management and red team services. The organization also provides educational programs to help businesses identify and efficiently stop possible cyber-attacks. The role of the virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) was recently created by Cylance. The vCISO helps businesses overcome the knowledge gap in cybersecurity and provides resources such as verification and data evaluation.

IBM Security

Being in the top ten of the cybersecurity 500 list, IBM Security, under its parent company IBM, protects other companies by leveraging its customized security portfolio, in order to counter the increasing emerging risks to consumer data, reduce the complexity and expense of IT technology and introduce security innovations.


Many Fortune 500 companies are using Cisco globally as their ultimate solution for defending against cybercrimes. Improving its position in the cybersecurity 500 list, Cisco provides a cybersecurity services and products portfolio for detecting and also preventing the threat. To be more precise, the products include malware protection (advance), security management, next-generation firewalls, next-generation prevention systems, cloud security, email security, VPN security clients, web security, router security, access and policy, and enforcement, etc.


The cybersecurity specialists at Optiv take into account an organization’s strategy when applying solutions and implementing technology that fits well with the existing architecture of the organization. Optiv ‘s cybersecurity tool suite includes everything from identity management and containment of threats to cloud-based security measures. Optiv was ranked 21st in the 2018 Cybersecurity Ventures Cybersecurity 500 List for its growing global influence, technology portfolio and ability to implement solutions seamlessly.


CyberArk Software ranks 12th on the 500 Cybersecurity list. In addition to offering consumer data protection. The company uses a monitoring program that essentially focuses on attacks that use insider access to target the firms.  CyberArk Software’s solutions include shared technology platform, CyberArk-Conjur, password vault, protected session manager, SSH key manager, device identity manager, protected vulnerability management, endpoint privilege manager — on-demand, and privilege manager.

Equilibrium IT Solutions

End-to-end security consulting at Equilibrium IT Solutions features everything from project security to installing cloud infrastructure. The company works across almost all industries and even offers project rescue plans in the event that data is breached, IT staff are unavailable, or expectations have been set too high originally. MSPmentor has listed IT Equilibrium Solutions among the world’s best 501 Managed Service Providers (MSPs).


Rapid7 ranks under the top 20 cybersecurity firms as per the 500 rankings for cybersecurity. Rapid7 provides IT (information technology) operations and security analytics that allow other companies to adopt strategies, powered by analytics, prevent cybercrimes, and accomplish IT and data security operations. Although Rapid7 does not offer many security segments as discussed above, Rapid7 offers a great facility to secure consumer data through security analytics.


The data security solutions provided by SecureWorks range from technical consulting services to complete adoption of the encryption protocol. They also help clients meet various industry standards such as HIPAA and GDPR, in addition to ensuring that companies maintain robust security measures. A Dell subsidiary, SecureWorks has collaborated with CrowdStrike to improve its cybersecurity policies both in consultancy and on Dell ‘s PCs. Now, the pair can take data from cloud endpoint protection systems in real-time.


Sophos is famous for providing a complete cybersecurity solution, using the security of endpoint and encryption. Sophos has recently launched its mobile, the latest version of its popular Enterprise Mobility Management solution, as it continues to grow in technological advancement. In turn, the company has revealed the agreement with the big-name Konica Kinolta to incorporate, along with Sophos Wireless, Sophos XG Firewall into the Workplace Network.


Consulting services from InCyberSecurity puts cybersecurity networks of a company to the test. The company’s scorecard platform does anything from penetration detection and risk monitoring to provide evaluations that help provide companies a holistic view of their cybersecurity protocols. inCyberSecurity offers information to Outsourced Chief Information Security Officer ( CISO) as well as cybersecurity tools to protect cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, in addition to cybersecurity consulting.


Mimecast was on the fifth position on the list of 500 firms in cybersecurity. Mimecast is known for its excellent offerings, which concentrate on the security and privacy of customer info. It also helps many organizations by protecting them against malware, spear-phishing, loss of customer data, leaks in customer data, or downtime. As an extension to its Email Archiving program, Mimecast recently announced the introduction of a Case Review App.

cybercrime continues to grow and fuel the expanding cyber market therefore, organizations need to know the big cybersecurity companies and software, to effectively address the unknown and unpredicted threat of cybercrime, leading to the loss of customer data and eventually the company’s reputation in safeguarding its customer base ‘s confidentiality.