Android and iOS application stores possess billions of apps with wide categories such as gaming, entertainment, productivity, news and much more. Productivity apps are considered to be the most favorite ones among all other apps.

The best productivity apps make daily life tasks easier by linking several functions into one unit in order to make sure that work is done in a more efficient way either by individual or by team. One of the best advantage of using productivity mobile apps is that there remains no need to have multiple and diverse range of software platforms. These apps assist in decluttering the mobile inbox and keep the track for individual’s schedules and complete to do lists and also get the day to day work done seamlessly [1].

The purpose of mobile productivity apps is to provide mobile users the more competent and well organized way of working after the users allow these apps to access their mobile functions that includes email, to-do list, note taking, spreadsheet, MS office, and presentation softwares etc., [1].

Best productivity mobile apps are adjusted for touch devices. As improvements in app enhancement have made it simple and stress free for device users to view, evaluate and edit files on mobiles, more software development enterprises are creating desktop productivity apps to be accessible and available as mobile productivity apps.

The most common example of productivity app for mobile as well as desktop is the “Microsoft Office Suite” or “Office 365” that is not only available on desktops but also easily available or mobile devices as free application to download for Apple store, iOS, Windows phones and android tablets and it needs subscription in order to get full functionalities package that also includes saving feature of documents to SharePoint and OneDrive [2].

Categories of mobile productivity apps also take in applications such as cloud storage, data sharing services like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. These top rated mobile apps not only permit the users to save their official documents, daily life videos and memorable photos in cloud storage but also synchronize the content through several other gadgets and share them with others without any difficulty.

The core feature of productivity apps is to focus on association and management, irrespective of where any person is residing, he can still remain in contact with rest of its team members and take up-to-the-minute updates and informative facts from everyone that can provide him such information. It is completed on per project or on department basis, with the purpose that administration make sure that “right people are in the right place” in order to complete the job on time.

There exist some other important tools and productivity apps that support in enhancing the efficiency and productivity, by simplifying the complex and difficult tasks in a more stress free method. This can include everything from handling backups to checking up and monitoring social media sites, or “customer relationship management” etc.

Since there’s a pool of numerous productivity apps on Google Play store and Apple Store, it can take longer than usual for users to do endless scrolling in order to search for apps that is best suitable to their requirements. Here is the list of best productivity mobile apps that can come in handy for more or less every user.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office is the most useful and productive application that usually people consider first when it comes to “office productivity” features, with Microsoft 365 cloud based platform being the newest incarnation [3].

  • Microsoft Office is considered to be the market leader productivity app.
  • It assists the users to work with more efficiency and hassle-freely.
  • Numerous programs of Microsoft Office that includes Power Point, Excel, Word and Outlook covers each and everything from presentations, spreadsheets, documents and emails. In fact, it covers almost every basic and indispensable needs.
  • Other than that, OneDrive provides the online “saving and backups” in order to keep the files and documents safe.
  • In presence of other substitutes of MS Office, many competitors try to catch-up with Microsoft office app instead of giving new and inventive features, and MS Office still beholds “office suite” with most comprehensive and inclusive variety of features.
  • There are enough chances that if one is working on one of the alternatives of MS office, it probably is working with the document styles and formats that are made particularly for MS office 365 and regulates and controls the data clients and providers who are making use of MS Office application.


Trello app is elegantly designed and widespread service for handling, organizing, managing and sharing all from simple to-dos to complex project management assignments and tasks [3].

  • It is extremely easy yet simple to get started with this app just like dragging cards onto Trello board. These cards and notes represents single tasks along with all the priorities and due dates attached.
  • Trello also includes an extensive and considerable checklist, with attached documents and images that contains hyperlinks in order to point elsewhere.
  • Trello app possesses a whole library comprising of “Power-Ups”, “custom cards” that permits the user to link a host from third-party services/apps into individual’s workflow such as Box, GIPHY, Slack, Survey Monkey, GitHub, Evernote, OneDrive, Hangouts, Mail chimp, Salesforce, Smart Draw, Twitter,, Zen Desk and more.
  • Trello has built a partnership with many other tools that facilitate the user to manage its projects and tasks.
  • It has a stack of resourceful features just to make sure that the app is easy to use.
  • The “Cloud Aging power-up” noticeably ages cards if they are not in access for a long duration of time, diminishes them, and turns the color of these cards to yellow and sometimes cracks them.
  • Trello app helps users to instantaneously observe and evaluate less used cards on even the eventful of boards, proving to be a real timesaver.


Evernote is the most multipurpose app in application store these days. Every other person uses it as an easy note taker and for that purpose it works extraordinary well [4].

  • Evernote is essentially an “ultimate digital notebook”.
  • It’s immensely popular, and is well-matched with every other important application.
  • It can record and note down anything a user like to save in separate notes whether it is related to regular “class scribbling” or a “to do list” or “a project summary outline” or just writing idea about any topic on the virtual paper.
  • This app is also available in desktop mode, PC and tablets with latest updates and versions.
  • Like Microsoft Office, it is also linked with the cloud, where whatever the user writes down or enlists, synchronizes to the cloud.
  • As Evernote app is globally used app across many other platforms, a user can assess and edit its notes from any of other gadgets or devices.
  • Evernote lets its user to capture and send images into individual’s notes, directly send web pages to the users from online, tag them for tranquil and easy organization, search through them, and share them via other social media platforms like email, Twitter Facebook, or LinkedIn too.
  • In order to access this app, a user needs to buy the premium account of this app which is available for $45/year.
  • Its free versions are also available with numerous features that are enough for its user to make use out of them.


Wunderlist is a “task management app” with every type of advanced and up to date features. Wunderlist is created and designed for both individuals and team work. This app feels so much alike Trello app alternative that is programmed around to-do lists, instead of creating cards [5].

  • Rather than making separate cards, a user makes the list and integrate them into a separate file folder and can share it to its group members. From here, every other team member can have access to this file and even other member have the authority to edit or make changes to that file.
  • This app is available for Window, Mac, iOS, Chrome, Android, and safari browsers.
  • Like Trello, Wunderlist is an immensely “powerful platform” that provides its user so many productivity features to a great extent for free or in some cases with fairly small subscription fee. Free versions of Wunderlist are also available but if a user want to access all of its updated features, he/she has to buy this app for $4.99 per user.
  • To-do lists and Task management are the key features of this app. In task management, it sets the due dates and deadlines, helps in allocating tasks to the team members. In addition to that, it sets reminders and adds notes and comments for individual use.


Clockify is an app for both Android and iOS users. It is an app that gives an “official-look” to the reports and documentations for hours which a user can present to its clients. This is just like a “time-tracking app” that user might want to take into consideration to boost up and enhance productivity. Clockify app is perfect not only for new freelancers who want to keep a track on and monitor their working hours, but also for those who want a “no-frills time tracker” [6].

Main features of this app includes:

  • Time Tracker: Begin and halt the app’s clock in order to track the time consumed while working on tasks. A user can use this tracker for several jobs at a time. This app has both features of setting start and stop time automatically and manually.
  • Timesheet: Clockify offers an impression of total number of hours that spent on tasks or other events. It makes the user to fill up the form that questions about the number of hours used to complete a specific job or task in a week, analyzing these questions, this app automatically gives total duration spent on activities.
  • Dashboard: Charts represents the activities or tasks the user is occupied with. In addition to that, it illustrates through graph the total hours that user have spent on each of the tasks. This app also displays projects or activities on which team members are working on, along with the additional feature of representing the total time those group members are spending on each project.
  • Reports: An exclusive report and documentation with fine details are represented to the user that mentions the whole working hours spent on the particular assignment, accompanied by a billable amount that an individual can send to its client.


ASANA is also the best productivity mobile app that is used mainly by those who have a large team and requires a powerful partnership and productivity app. This app is full of features that one looks for in productivity app specially for official use. This app let its user to manage workflows, make collaboration with group members in regards to the assigned tasks or projects. ASANA app user can work with its team members in order to set objectives of the assigned tasks. This app helps in specifying the workload of each of the team member that are related to the project they are going to work on. The “Timeline feature”, that is also available on this app’s premium version, offers a “Gantt-style chart” of the deadlines of all assigned tasks [7].

The main feature of this app includes [8]:

  • “Project and task management”: It makes a lists of number of deliverables for the tasks, assignments, projects, and other jobs. Allocates the particular tasks to the specific team member and make due dates for task submission.
  • Task dependencies: This feature of ASANA app represents and differentiates the projects that are good to go with or those that are dependent on other jobs even before their launch.
  • Communication: ASANA has the feature of leaving feedback or opinion directly on tasks and pictures such that each member of team might know the requirements that are needed to be done in order to enhance the productivity of their work.
  • Reports: Application provides extra motivation by setting project milestones. It keeps on tracking the objectives and goals of the tasks and make portfolios for all jobs in one place.


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